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E-Motor H300
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E-Motor H300

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1. Equipped with luxury electric wipers,graceful& beautiful appearance
2. Large space, can hold 2-3 people in the back seat
3. Luxurious foldable rear seat barrel, which is more convenient to take people and cargo.
4. One-piece luxurious front, beautiful and generous
5. Automobile-grade tempered glass,safe and durable
6. Built-in multimedia music player to make travel easier
7. Digital LCD meter


Number of passengers:  1 person
Front seat spacing:  25cm
Distance from the ground:  24cm
Seat size: 70cm
Cargo box size:  70(L)*44(W)*40(H)cm
Motor:  650W
Battery:  60V30A
Shock absorption:  spring hydraulic shock absorption
Tires:  16-inch tires
Brake system:  Handbrake + Footbrake
Charging time:  6-8h
Driving distance:  60km
Climbing ability:  40-50°
Rotation radius:  80cm
Driving speed:  ≤25km/h
Recommended load:  200-300kg
Dimensions:  220(L)*165(H)*90(W)cm
Car Weight:  140Kg
Packing size:  201*96*84cm


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