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How to Care For a Floor Scrubber Machine Part

A floor scrubber is a machine that cleans floors using a squeegee and vacuum system. It is designed to reduce the amount of time and labor that is required to clean floors. Using a machine to clean your floors will increase the look of the surface and save you money in the long run. However, you will need to know how to care for a floor scrubber.

The most important part of a floor scrubber is the squeegee. This device is used to pick up debris from the floor and carry it to the recovery tank. If the squeegee is not working properly, it can cause the floor to become wet and lead to a slip hazard.

The squeegee is made from durable rubber or silicone compounds. To ensure that it will last for a long time, make sure that you change it when it needs to. You will also need to replace the blade. There are different types of squeegees available, including disk and cylindrical. Discs are best for smooth surfaces, while cylindricals work better on rougher surfaces. Cylindricals are more effective for cracks and grout lines.

Another key floor scrubber machine part is the hopper. This component is located behind the cylindrical brushes on the scrub head. The hopper is small perforated troth that collects debris while the machine is in operation. Keeping the hopper empty allows the squeegee to function efficiently. When the hopper is full, it becomes difficult for the squeegee to work.

Floor scrubbers are available in ride-on, battery, and gas-powered versions. Ride-on machines are usually more convenient, but they may not be the right choice for every business. In addition, a stand-on machine can be more expensive than a walk-behind model. Before purchasing, consider renting for a period of time to see if it's right for you.

Aside from the squeegee, a floor scrubber is also comprised of a scrub head, a solution system, a hopper, and a recovery system. Keeping these components clean is crucial to the success of your scrubber. Make sure to consult your user manual for instructions on how to maintain your machine.

Having the proper parts in place will ensure that your machine performs at its highest level. A quality squeegee assembly will remove as much water as possible from the floor. Similarly, an open recovery system will prevent bacteria growth. Lastly, you should always rinse the solution tank after each use.

If you are looking for parts for your floor scrubber, check out the manufacturer's website or contact them directly. They can help you find the right part for your machine and offer expert repair and service.

Buying a new machine is an investment, and one that will pay off in the long run. However, you will want to check the machine's belts for wear and tear. If you find that the belts on your machine are a bit old, they should be replaced to get the most out of the machine. Depending on the machine, this should be done about six months to a year.