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Floor scrubber saves water while improving efficiency

It can not only clean thousands of square meters of ground in an hour, thus saving labor costs; but also greatly save water and cleaning agents, because the scrubber equipment's own brush pressure and working speed determines that it can bring excellent cleaning results in one cleaning, without repeated cleaning, so it can save 50% of water and cleaning agents while improving work efficiency. cleaning agent. This saving of resources in no way detracts from the cleaning ability of the scrubber, which can still easily remove stains from various floors in industrial environments.

In reality, many mechanical work, will produce a certain degree of noise, this sound garbage often causes discomfort to customers and even operators, but the use of scrubbers do not have to worry about the noise of machinery, not only in industrial settings and large shopping malls do not have to worry, that is, in the very high voice requirements of hospitals, nursing homes and other places can also be used with confidence, according to the test scrubber voice level of only 58 decibels. Totally does not hinder normal life.

In recent years, China's labor costs have gradually increased, many foreign enterprises in the mainland established the production of industrial scrubber, scrubber use side to promote recognition, more importantly, these inherent advantages of the scrubber has gradually made its gradual development. In terms of market popularity, we firmly believe that China's huge cleaning market will certainly drive the take-off of the scrubber industry.