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Choosing a Scrubber Machine

If you are responsible for scrubbing floors in your business, you should choose a scrubber machine with a wide variety of features. This makes it easier for you to find the right scrubber for your specific application. This will depend on the size of the floor area that needs to be cleaned as well as the speed at which you need it done.

You can use a scrubber machine for daily cleaning, scrubbing, or finish removal. Each cleaning procedure will require a different floor pad. If you're cleaning a floor daily, you'll want to choose a red floor pad. Another important feature is the squeegee blade that's attached to the suction tube or yoke.

Automatic floor scrubbers can be an excellent option for your retail space or warehouse. They remove the need for buckets and mops, and they use less water and cleaning solution. This results in a cleaner floor in less time. This type of floor scrubber can clean a variety of surfaces, including concrete, ceramic tile, and vinyl composition tile. They can also clean stone, marble, and granite.

Floor scrubber machines have two separate water tanks for dirty and clean water. They are perfect for cleaning floors in commercial buildings, hospitals, schools, and industrial facilities. Some machines even come with a drier, which helps save water and chemicals while cleaning surfaces. This makes them environmentally-friendly and can improve cleaning quality. A scrubber machine will clean more surfaces than a bucket or mops alone. It also dries the floor faster, so they're a great choice for large buildings.

You should talk to an expert before choosing a scrubber machine for your facility. They can advise you about different models and which will work best for your facility. They can also give you advice based on your budget and facility needs. They will help you find the right automatic floor scrubber for your facility. So go ahead and contact Imperial Dade to find the best scrubber machine for your needs.

An auto floor scrubber can clean a commercial hard floor in a single pass. This makes it much easier to clean floors than a manual mop and bucket. The time it takes to clean a floor using a bucket and mop can add up, so using an auto scrubber will save you time and money.