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Advantages Of Automatic Washing Machine

一. The performance advantages of the floor scrubber:

1. The main types of floors suitable for cleaning are as follows: epoxy floor paint floor, emery floor, ceramic tile floor, marble floor, terrazzo floor, cement hardened floor,
non-slip and wear-resistant floor, small square brick floor, etc.

2. Driving-type scrubbers are suitable for cleaning mainly as follows: factory workshops, office buildings, warehouses, shopping malls and supermarkets, hotels, hospitals,
schools, parking lot basements, waiting halls, subway stations and other ground.

3. The driving type scrubber is fully automatic, easy to operate and easy to learn.

二. The basic requirements for the selection of cleaning equipment:

1. The equipment needs to be safe to use, easy and comfortable to operate, quick to use, and excellent in performance.

2. It can work continuously for a long time under various relatively harsh working environment conditions.

3. The material of the water tank is good, and the capacity of the water tank is large to avoid multi-frequency refilling. It has good anti-collision and splash-proof performance.

4. Large cleaning width, high working efficiency, saving time and cost

5. The battery cable is resistant to high temperature, high torque, voltage fluctuation, and low noise water absorption motor.

6. domestic and foreign brand manufacturers, years of industry accumulation, good maintenance services, sufficient parts.